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Installation of Load Cells – Soda Ash Silo

The soda ash silo was revised to suit the installation of load cells at Tonolli Canada Ltd. Engineering drawings and Calculations done by H. Machacon Engineering Services

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St. Mary's Cement Barge - Ballast System Upgrade

The cargo loading time depends on how fast the ship can remove the ballast water from its hull. The ballast system upgrade designed by H. Machacon Engineering Services successfully reduced cargo loading time.

Welland Retirement Home.jpg

Welland Retirement Home - Fire Sprinkler System

The construction of the 5-story, 120,000 sq ft,  Welland Retirement Home is nearing completion. The fire sprinkler system is designed by H. Machacon Engineering Services

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Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. - Evaporative Cooling Tower Installation
This 270-Ton Evaporative Cooling Tower was installed for a process building expansion in Ontario, Canada. Engineering drawings and calculations were prepared by H. Machacon Engineering Services.

You are invited to watch Harland's video tutorials at H. Machacon Mechanical  Engineering Channel on YouTube

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